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Ask your sweetheart to marry you in the middle of two continents on Bosphorus, on a private tour

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One of the most memorable things in life is being asked to marry someone. Ask your sweetheart to marry you on a private Bosphorus tour. On Marriage Proposals On Yacht, we can offer you a wide range of high-end yachts.

Don’t waste your time thinking about your proposal. In our high-end yachts, we can make a proposal just for you. You can choose your favorite yachts and then propose to your girlfriend as you cruise.

You can pick the perfect time! But nothing is more romantic than a cruise on the waters of the Bosphorus. Also, you can choose a sunrise or sunset cruise, where the sun’s dramatic and beautiful colors will add beauty to your thoughts.

How To Plan Marriage Proposals On Yacht?

Just send us a message, and we’ll help you plan your proposal in a private tour. Tell us what you like and don’t like, and we’ll plan the perfect night in your mind down to the smallest detail, from the food to the music to the photographer to the flowers.

Also, the people who run the marriage proposal cruise will take care of the weather. Because the area on the yacht where we serve meals can be taken down. So, we can close this area down and heat it up when it’s cold outside. So it doesn’t matter if it’s cold or rainy when you’re making your proposal. Also, we can have this event on our luxury yachts at any time of the year.

The food at restaurants near the Bosphorus is made just for you. So you won’t get a home-cooked meal on the yacht. Instead, you’ll get restaurant-quality food. Also, we serve these dishes in a very elegant way. As for what’s in the meal, there are different starters and appetizers to start. Then we serve the main dish, salad, fruits, and local alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks.

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